The latest phase of the Bulbourne restoration project was completed early in 2017.  The purpose of the project is to restore a 1000 metre stretch of the river between Fishery Road and Two Waters Road.  The river in this location contributes significantly to the character of the area, and is well-visited and appreciated by the community.  However, it has been heavily modified in the past.  It was over-wide and lacking in features characteristic of a chalk stream.  Under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006, the Bulbourne is listed as a priority habitat for restoration.

The work comprises:

  • Re-grading the banks to narrow the channel, create more sinuosity and create a shallower bank profile;
  • Installation of woody habitat features to help improve habitat and flow diversity;
  • Stabilisation and narrowing of river crossing points;
  • Reconnecting the floodplain and creation of floodplain scrapes (aka seasonal ponds);
  • Bed raising where the channel has been over-deepened;
  • Installation of fencing.

The work is being carried out by Five Rivers Environmental Management.  This project is jointly funded and managed by The Environment Agency, The Box Moor Trust and The Chilterns Chalk Stream Project.  For further information, please feel free to get in contact with us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  To view a map and key detailing the work being carried out, click on the attachment below.



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