Schools arrive at the Box Moor Trust Centre on London Road unless specific arrangements have been made with us in advance.  On arrival, please report to the Box Moor Trust Centre and ensure that children are kept in a group, off the car park area.

Schools visiting for river studies will be advised about the specific requirements for these courses.


Coaches can drop off and pick up in the Box Moor Trust Centre car park but we ask that coaches do not stay in the car park for the day as the Box Moor Trust Centre is frequently used by other organisations and parking is limited.  Coaches may be directed to Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate  (off the A41) where there are areas for parking.

Whilst we do not encourage schools to ask parents to drop off children, we realise that this can be an effective means of transport.  We do, however, have to ask for a full Risk Assessment for this as we cannot take responsibility for any problems prior to the booked session.  Please ensure that the teacher is on site before any parents arrive and once the children have been dropped off, please ask parents to leave to reduce congestion.  


What to Bring

General information on your visit, including what to bring, will be sent out when your booking is confirmed.  This is also available to download (see below).  We will run activities, whatever the weather (as long as conditions have been assessed to be safe) so all visitors should be sensibly dressed.  In particular, we advise that school staff, children and accompanying adults bring:

  • Wellington boots or good waterproof footwear
  • A warm, waterproof coat
  • Hat and gloves in cold weather
  • Lunch, if visiting all day
  • Drink and snack for break time (especially younger children)
  • Medicine, if appropriate, especially for hay fever sufferers
In spring and summer, we recommend:
  • Plenty of water to drink
  • Sun cream and a sun hat
  • No sleeveless tops
  • No shorts
Please bring a first aid kit, a mobile phone and Risk Assessments.  You may also wish to bring a camera.

"I liked finding the things that should not be in the woods."  - Maggie, aged 6 (referring to the "It's Not Natural" trail)